The Boho Headband Braid

As festival season is still going strong I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do another easy, boho style that’s great for an easy summer vibe.23.7.14 No 1
I think this is such a cute look and it is so easy to do. It will probably take you just a minute or two!
23.7.14 No 2
I started off with rough dried hair. It can be wavy or straight but I think the key here is for it not to look too perfect.23.7.14 No 3
I separated a top section of hair on the heavier side and then clipped it up out of the way.23.7.14 No 4
Next I took a smaller section from below the clipped up hair like this. 23.7.14 No 5
I then began to plait it into a fine braid just using the simple 3 strand technique.23.7.14 No 6
To prep the braid for headband status, I gave it a mist of hairspray and then smoothed any flyaways down.23.7.14 No 7
Next I just pulled the braid across my forehead and secured it with a Kirby grip.23.7.14 No 8
You can leave it there but to finish I just did a small twist on the other side and softly pinned it back.
23.7.14 No 9
And it was done! I hope you like it!
23.7.14 No 10

  See you back here next time.



Our Top Summer Beauty Essentials

As things are heating up, we thought this would be a good time to pick a few perfect summer products to keep you looking and feeling good in the heat. Here they are!

Protection is Everything21.7.14 No 1
The sun can wreak absolute havoc on your skin so it’s really important to make sure you use a good quality sun protection product during the day. I absolutely love Estee Lauder DayWear SPF50 because it offers high protection in a super light formula with sunscreen technology I really trust. It works really well under makeup too.21.7.14 No 2
Because your hair needs as much help as skin in the summer, it’s a great idea to use a body sun protection product that is also suitable for use on hair. The Clarins Sun Care Oil Spray SPF30 for Body and Hair is a transparent dry oil that feels super light. It nourishes and beautifies the skin and hair using organic oil from Indonesia and offers protection from top to toe! Click here to read more

Top Tips for Colouring Your Hair at Home

18.7.14 No 1
As much as I love getting my hair coloured in a salon, it is extremely costly and even more of a pain – it’s very time consuming. Sometimes I just prefer to do it myself! It can be all over in an hour rather than half a day in a salon.

Here are my tips for getting it right! Click here to read more

Easy Curls with the BaByliss Diamond Waves

16.7.14 No 1
As the new BaByliss Diamond Waves is launching really soon, I thought it would be fun to show you a really easy curly style you can create with it. Don’t worry if you can’t wait though, because you can follow this tutorial with pretty much any good quality wand. I’d recommend the BaByliss Curling Wand Pro for this too.16.7.14 No 2
I prepped my damp hair first with the John Frieda Nourishing Oil Elixir, then with John Frieda Go Curlier. The oil adds condition and shine while Go Curlier helps the hair to hold the curl quicker and for longer. 16.7.14 No 3
I rough dried it and then divided it into 2 sections over my shoulders.16.7.14 No 4
I took small to medium sections, held the Diamond Waves under the section, and wrapped the hair forward and over it.16.7.14 No 5
I held it for 5-10 seconds, and then let it go. 16.7.14 No 6
I then moved on to the next section and repeated the same curling action in the same direction. 16.7.14 No 7
I kept working forward until the whole side was done.16.7.14 No 8
I then started on the other side and repeated exactly the same process, curling forward over the wand. 16.7.14 No 9
This is how it looked when all the curling was done.16.7.14 No 10
I then lightly sprayed the ends with hairspray. 16.7.14 No 11
Then I let it cool and shook it through with my fingers. 16.7.14 No 12
And that’s the style finished. Really quick and easy!16.7.14 No 13
I hope you enjoyed that. The BaByliss Diamond Waves is out at the end of July. You can pick up the BaByliss Curling Wand Pro right now.

See you back here next time.



Get Your Look: Wannabe Waves with The Persian Babe & Exclusive Interview

It’s time for Get Your Look again and this video is our second one with the lovely Barbara from YouTube channel, The Persian Babe.14.7.14 No 11
Barbara works with hairstylist Percy to create the perfect ‘set’ using the BaByliss Heated Rollers.
14.7.14 No 2
Percy shows Barbara some brilliant tips for getting the absolute best out of heated rollers, which can be used as the basis of so many different styles.14.7.14 No 3
She still looks amazing even with a head full of rollers! Watch the video now to see how they do it – and keep reading for our exclusive interview with Barbara. Click here to read more

How to Grow Your Hair Long

Growing your hair long is often a matter of patience but here are 3 easy tips to help you along your way.

1 Regular TrimsTrimming hair
I know everyone say this, and I have to say I am pretty bad at sticking to this, but regular trims are key if you want to grow long and healthy hair. It can seem frustrating to cut it when you are trying to grow it, but here is my top tip. Make sure your hairdresser knows that you’re trying to grow it and insist on the absolute minimum to be cut off. If you do this every 3 months, you’ll still see good growth.

2 Reduce ShampooingCleansing conditioners (Co-washing)
Although we all have to wash our hair, washing it too much can be rather stripping and can actually weaken your hair. Try to avoid washing every day and if this is too tricky, try switching to a co-wash for one or two of your washes. These are cleansing conditioners that remove impurities without stripping your hair of essential moisture. Read more about co-washing in our previous post.

3 Protect from HeatHeat protectants Click here to read more

Easy Fishtail Bun

Easy Fishtail Bun
I love this twist on the traditional top knot. Don’t be put off by the fishtail element because it so easy and literally uses just 2 sections. If you are unsure, check out THIS VIDEO which will have you fishtail braiding in no time!Day 3 hair
I started off with day 3 hair because this is a perfect style if you want to do something different but don’t have time to go through the whole washing routine.Oh Bee Hive Click here to read more

The BaByliss Diamond Radiance Shine Collection

It’s exciting times for me when BaByliss come up with a new technology and the brand new diamond collection is certainly no disappointment! There are 3 pieces – a dryer, a straightener and a wand – and I have tried them all. They are fab!

So what about these diamonds? Each tool contains diamonds crushed down to a powder which make them super-efficient and extremely high performance.

The Diamond Dryer
The dryer is every bit as amazing as the BaByliss Boutique Dryer but just that extra bit more special. It is a salon quality dryer that uses  diamond-infused ceramic outlet grille with active ionic conditioners for super smooth and shiny hair. It can calm frizz really fast whilst drying the hair at super speed with an AC motor that delivers 2200W of power. It has 3 heat setting and 2 speed settings plus a cold shot. When I rough dried my hair with, it looked like it had been straightened.

The Diamond StraightenersThe Diamond Straighteners Click here to read more

Bad Hair Habits to Avoid with Straightening

Abusing the straighteners is one of the biggest hair crimes and can lead to dry, damaged hair if you don’t do it right. Here are our top tips to straightening success!

Use a Good Quality Straightener!Diamond Straighteners
Make sure that your straightener has ceramic plates which ensures even heat distribution and minimises hot spots so you won’t burn your hair. If you’re in the market for some new ones, then I highly recommend the brand new Diamond Straighteners from BaByliss. They have crushed diamond powder infused into the ceramic plates which has been proven to create an even smoother finish than ceramic alone. Also, it uses the most powerful ionic technology available to reduce frizz. If you have flyaways, you can just hold the straightener over them (without touching) and the static will go. Amazing!

Protect from Heat!Heat protection
This one really goes without saying but I am going to say it anyway! Be sure to use a heat protector on your wet hair before drying or mist onto dry hair before straightening.

Use Only On Dry Hair! Brushing hair Click here to read more

Easy Glamorous Waves

There have been absolutely tonnes of gorgeously glamorous red carpet styles recently, with the likes of Blake Lively, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne all going for vintage side-swept waves. It looks tricky but it is actually very achievable with a good wand. Here’s how!
Vintage side-swept waves
I just started off with clean straight hair.Start off with clean straight hair
I misted hair spray through the mid-lengths and ends.Mist hair spray through the mid-lengths and ends.
I then split my hair into 2 sections – one thick one and one smaller one with a side parting. Split hair into 2 sections Click here to read more