4 Tips for Stronger Hair

Right about now, in the middle of winter, people often start to notice their hair getting dryer and feeling weaker. Winter weather takes its toll on hair just like it does our skin so here are 4 tips to keep it feeling strong and looking great.

Oil Your Scalp
"wella hair oil"
I am a huge believer in the theory that a healthier scalp will mean healthier hair. I see the scalp as the soil and the hair as the flowers – sounds silly but the better you treat your scalp, the more able it is to provide adequate nourishment for strong healthy hair. Click here to read more

Jessica Chastain’s Glam Waves at the Golden Globes

Jessica Chastain’s gorgeously glamorous side swept waves was definitely one of my favourite looks at the Golden Globes this year.23.1.15 No 1
This is my take on it! It’s such a beautiful and sophisticated look, but actually very simple to achieve using the BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves. Here’s how!23.1.15 No 2
I started off with just washed hair that I combed into a side parting and dried using the BaByliss Diamond Dryer. I smoothed it out with my fingers as I went. Because my hair doesn’t naturally settle in a side parting, I clipped the front section back to encourage it in the right direction.23.1.15 No 3 Click here to read more

What’s New in Contouring?

I thought to make a change, I’d do a post for you on a really hot topic in makeup right, contouring! It was big news before, but there are so many new kits and products launching soon, that it is set to be a focus for some time to come. Here are 3 new products that will help you get that Kim K look (or much more subtle if you wish!).

Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette19.1.15 No 1
This kit is just gorgeous! It has been created to suit all skin tones, so even the palest of the pale can get a softly sculpted look if they want it. The cream texture is super soft and blendable and all the shades melt into the skin, leaving a very natural finish.

It’s a great value at £35. It is available at Harrods only right now but goes nationwide from February.

Clinique Chubbing Sticks – Contour & Highlight19.1.15 No 2 Click here to read more

Easy Tousled Topknot Tutorial

Here’s a nice and easy up do that’s perfect for days when you don’t have time to wash and style your hair but want to look put together but not overdone.16.1.15 No 1
It’s a big voluptuous tousled bun that you can whip up in seconds!16.1.15 No 2
So I started off with fairly disheveled hair and then prepped the roots with dry shampoo. Drynamic from Sebastian is great for absorbing oil and adding great lift.
16.1.15 No 3 Click here to read more

Easy Half Up Do with Curl Secret

I love a half up do every now and again just to make a bit of a change and this one is super simple. It uses 2 easy plaits and some very fast Curl Secret action!12.1.15 No 1
I just started off with my hair down. Your hair doesn’t have to be freshly washed.12.1.15 No 2
Next I took a fairly large section from the front, split it into 3 and then did a simple braid. 12.1.15 No 4 Click here to read more

3 Way to Use Straighteners without Straightening!

Pretty much all of us own a pair of straighteners so I thought it would be useful to take a look at a few ways to use them that aren’t just about straightening hair. There’s a whole world of options as long as you have a good pair of straighteners.

Glossy Waves9.1.15 No 1
I absolutely love the BaByliss Diamond Straightener for creating beautiful glossy waves.

The crush diamonds that are infused into the ceramic plates means that the heat glides over the hair leaving the most beautiful shine. To curl with straighteners, all you do is clamp the straighteners at the top of about a two-inch section of hair, then twist it 90 degrees and pull it through your hair. Don’t squeeze too tightly, just let the hair flow through the plates. For an in-depth guide to curling with straighteners, check out Making Waves with Straighteners.

The Hair Band Substitute9.1.15 No 2 Click here to read more

Large Defined Waves with the BaByliss Soft Waves

Here’s a really easy way to get lovely large yet nicely defined waves using the BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves. 5.1.15 No 1
This look is created by curling the hair over the wide barrel of the Soft Waves in large sections and then pinning them while they set. Let me show you!5.1.15 No 2
I started off with clean hair prepped with oil and heat protection when it was damp and then rough dried using the BaByliss Diamond Dryer.5.1.15 No 3 Click here to read more

The New Year’s Eve Edit!

If there’s a party on the horizon for you this New Year’s Eve, here are some ideas to get you looking and feeling party-ready!29.12.14 No 1
In terms of makeup, I always love a touch of metallic for Christmas parties. Golden tones are super flattering, so check out this post on some gorgeous eye makeup for the party season.

The other great party alternative is a red lip!29.12.14 No 2
No matter what else is going on with my hair and clothes, red lips always make me feel dressed up! Check out this post for a recommendation and some handbag essentials that will help keep you looking great all night.

Now for hair!! There are so many options for party hair depending on the kind of vibe you want to go for. Glam waves are always a winner for me.29.12.14 No 3
Click here to read more