Bouncy Soft Waves Tutorial

Nothing makes me feel better than super bouncy hair that moves when I walk, and in today’s tutorial I’m showing you how to achieve this with the very versatile BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves."Really Ree", "Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves"
This is pretty simple and quick to do as there aren’t too many sections, but the key is in what you do to the hair once you’ve curled it."Really Ree", "Tangle Teezer"
I started off by spritzing in some light heat protection and distributing it evenly through my hair with my trusty Tangle Teezer."Really Ree", "Babyliss"
Next I sectioned up the top part of the hair and then split the bottom section into 2 over my shoulders and then 2 again."Really Ree", "Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves"
I started on one side with the back section first and curled the hair away from my face. Once the hair was fully heated through, I let it gently slide of the Soft Waves tong, catching it in my hand without allowing the hair to extend. I then clipped the curl high up on my head to set. This is where the bounce comes from!"Really Ree", "Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves"
I worked through all four lower sections, curling it away from the face and clipping it up as I went. I then let down the top section and started work on that in exactly the same way. Click here to read more

Get the Look – Textured Top Knot!

It’s Get the Look time and here is the second video that BaByliss made with lovely blogger and YouTuber, Amelia, from
"really ree" "xameliax" "babyliss"
The tool of choice for this video is the amazing Curl Secret and Amelia is pretty amazed at how brilliant it is!!"curl secret" "babyliss" "really ree"
I won’t spoil the fun so make sure you check out the video on how to create this really modern and edgy textured top knot.

Here’s the 2nd part of our interview about blogging with Amelia.

Which SS14 trends in fashion or beauty are you most excited about?

I’m loving that pastels are back – shirts, skirts and of course all those stunning pastel nail colours!

Your top beauty tip?

I always use a nude eye liner instead of white on my lower lash line before applying mascara to help brighten my eyes – it gives the same effect and looks a little more natural.

What are you top beauty brands?

For lips it has to be MAC, nails it’s Essie, eyes it’s Urban Decay and for skin and cheeks it’s Benefit!

What are you top fashion brands?

I love shopping our high street, personally I think we have the best! My go to shop has to be the amazing Primark, but if I’m feeling a little lazy I love a good browse on ASOS with a cup of tea in my pjs at home!

Do you prefer to shop online or in store?

It depends what I’m after, if it’s a spontaneous purchase it’s really nice to go shopping and make a day of it, but if I’m after something more specific I prefer to shop online so I know I’m getting the best deal…as long as there are no delivery charges, they’re a major pet hate of mine!

Who is YOUR favourite blogger and why?

For fashion advice I love reading Tasha’s blog So On Trend – she’ got a great style. For nails it has to be Alice over at One Nail to Rule Them All or Sammi at The Nailasaurus. And for a good chuckle I always stop off at Charl’s lifestyle blog Ginger Girl Says.

What are your tips for aspiring bloggers?

I’d say my biggest tip is that natural light is your best friend for taking good quality blog photos!

Would you have done anything differently when you started out?

I honestly don’t think I would have changed anything apart from maybe started my YouTube channel earlier.

What do you think the future of blogging is?

I think the blogging world is getting bigger and bigger and people outside the internet are beginning to realise the power it has. YouTube is certainly the place to be now and it’s great a lot of YouTubers are getting the recognition and rewards for their hard work.

Thanks Amelia! I hope you all enjoyed that.

See you back here next time!




The Overnight Hair Mask

Every now and then it’s great to give your hair a super intensive treat, especially if you colour and heat style it. I love to do an overnight mask. This is how!"Really Ree" "ReallyRee" "really ree" "overnight hair mask" "babyliss" "How To"  "nanoketarin rejuvenate mask" "conditioner"
Just before bedtime, I start by pulling all my hair over to one side.
"Really Ree" "reallyree" "babyliss" "hair"
I then lightly wet my hair with water – I just use a spray bottle. I think this one if for gardening! I just make sure there’s fresh water inside.
"really ree" "reallyree" "babyliss" "overnight mask"
I wet it just enough to make it slightly damp as if it’s too wet, it disturbs my sleep.

Next I choose an intensive conditioner or mask:"really ree" "babyliss "really ree" "overnight hair mask" "Nanokeratin Rejuvenate Mask" Click here to read more

Loose Waves with a Tong

This is my go to style at the moment because it looks so natural and really looks like I haven’t tried too hard, but really flowing and glamorous at the same time.
"ReallyRee" "really ree" "Volume Waves" "babyliss" "How To"
It’s really easy to do because there’s not too much sectioning and using the BaByliss Volume Waves means you have loads of control over the hair. I started off by parting the hair into 2 sections over my shoulders.
"ReallyRee" "Volume Waves"
Then working from the back I took fairly large sections and clamped the Volume Waves over the hair about half way down.
"Babyliss" "volume Waves" "tong" "hair"
To get a nice even distribution of heat through the hair, and to avoid frazzling the ends, I curl the section slowly round the tong, squeezing the lever as I go to feed more hair through as I roll it up:
"BaByliss" Volume Waves" "tong"
This way the ends, which are most vulnerable to dryness, have minimal exposure to the heat. Click here to read more

Spring Skin Bases

With Spring making a lovely appearance, even if it’s a bit on and off, I thought it’s a great time to look at complexion products that are great for this type of weather. I have a couple of glowy products and a couple of more matte ones, all with SPF.

First up and possibly my favourite right now is the Estee Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Cream.
"Spring Skin Bases" ""complexion" "glowy products" "skin bases with spf" "spring complexion products" "long lasting coverage" "moisturising powder" "glow" "oil-free base" "SPF20" "Vitamin E" "GInseng" "Gingko Bilba Leaf Extract" "blemishes" "Matte base" "deal with excess oil skin" "oily skin" "flat matte look" "minimise pores" "concealer"
This has pretty much everything I am looking for. A decent SPF (30), long lasting coverage, moisturising power and a good dose of glow!!
"Spring Skin Bases" ""complexion" "glowy products" "skin bases with spf" "spring complexion products" "long lasting coverage" "moisturising powder" "glow" "oil-free base" "SPF20" "Vitamin E" "GInseng" "Gingko Bilba Leaf Extract" "blemishes" "Matte base" "deal with excess oil skin" "oily skin" "flat matte look" "minimise pores" "concealer"
I think the finish on this is just gorgeous and it stays put even if you get a little hot!

Another favourite is the Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint.
"Spring Skin Bases" ""complexion" "glowy products" "skin bases with spf" "spring complexion products" "long lasting coverage" "moisturising powder" "glow" "oil-free base" "SPF20" "Vitamin E" "GInseng" "Gingko Bilba Leaf Extract" "blemishes" "Matte base" "deal with excess oil skin" "oily skin" "flat matte look" "minimise pores" "concealer"
This is an oil-free number with SPF20, and you’ll like this is you want to go a bit lighter on the SPF. Again, the finish with this one is all about the glow!
"Spring Skin Bases" ""complexion" "glowy products" "skin bases with spf" "spring complexion products" "long lasting coverage" "moisturising powder" "glow" "oil-free base" "SPF20" "Vitamin E" "GInseng" "Gingko Bilba Leaf Extract" "blemishes" "Matte base" "deal with excess oil skin" "oily skin" "flat matte look" "minimise pores" "concealer"
This contains lots of skin loving ingredients like Vitamin E, Ginseng & Gingko Bilba Leaf Extract to really make the skin glow and it feels so comfortable on the skin. It also has great coverage, much more than a regular tinted moisturiser, and can be layered up easily to deal with blemishes too. It also lasts really well on the skin, so great if you get a bit hot. Click here to read more

How to Style a Long Fringe/Bangs

I had a long fringe cut last year, that’s now an even longer fringe and if I don’t do anything to it, it kind of hangs or looks too sharp and doesn’t blend well with the rest of my long hair. So I have learnt to style it a few different ways that I thought I’d share with you.

BaByliss Big Hair
"babyliss big hair" "fringe" "bangs"
Along with its other talents, the Big Hair is absolutely brilliant for dealing with fringes. I simply take my whole fringe section and place it on top if the Big Hair and let it roll it under. I hold it for a few seconds to let it head through, then switch on to the cold shot to set the hair. It creates a lovely bend and makes it super smooth. My fringe behaves really well after!

The BaByliss Boutique Italian Dryer
"Babyliss Boutique Dryer" "fringe"
If you don’t have the Big Hair, a round brush and a really good quality hairdryer will also do this job. I like using the Boutique Dryer because it performs like a professional tool and has ionic technology which ensures I don’t end up frizzy. This is really important because the last thing you want is a frizzy fringe! Click here to read more

How to Curl Your Hair in Under 5 Minutes

Sometimes you just run out of time and if you leave your hair until last, this super quick way to curl your hair could be just what you need!
Before and After
These curls look like I have really made an effort but in truth, this style took less than 5 minutes and really wasn’t hard work at all. It’s all about using a small barrel and large sections and you can zip through this in minutes!

I started off by sectioning up the top part of my hair out of the way.
"sectioning" hair"
I made sure the largest section is underneath as the hair here won’t be on show as much.
"ReallyRee" "hair"
I split the bottom section in to 2 and then got curling. I used the BaByliss Vintage Glamour Wave Maker as it gets nice and hot and has a good small barrel perfectly suited to curling large sections of hair. Click here to read more

Easy Polka Dot Nail Art

I love a bit of nail art, especially when it’s easy, and it really doesn’t come any easier than this!!
"polka dot" "nail art" "easy"
You just need a few colours, a top coat and definitely no special tools! As this is the Hairdryer Diaries, I decided to maintain the hair theme and improvise with 2 different sized hair pins as dotting tools.
7.4.14 No 2
I started off with 2 coats of a lovely chic nude colour.
"base coat"
This is Mavala’s Ivory Nude which is a current favourite.  Next I took the bigger hair pin, and a baby pink polish:
7.4.14 No 4
I just dabbed the hair pin on to the brush and dotted it randomly on to the nails. Click here to read more

Co-Washing. What is it?

Co-Washing your hair used to be popular but I think we forgot about it with the masses and masses of new products landing on shelves every day. It is short for ‘conditioner washing’ and basically means that you skip shampoo and use conditioner to cleanse your hair instead.  It is back as a brand new hair trend and I have been trying it out.

First up, why would you co-wash?  To put it simply, it’s about reducing stripping the hair of its natural moisture to improve condition and reduce frizz.  Apparently it is a great option for making colour last longer in your hair. Avoiding the sulphates in shampoo, and cleansing the hair a bit like we cleanse our skin is the aim of the game, particularly if you have dry, damaged or fragile hair. And brands are getting in on the game creating special co-wash products to cater for this revival. Click here to read more

Textured Straight Hair

"textured straight hair" "natural undone hair" "straight styles" "grungy hair" "grungy feel" "tangle free" "volume at roots" "invisibobbles" "straight hair" "modern edgy hair"
Sometimes I like to my hair looking quite natural and undone, and straight styles are really popular right now. To get that really current, grungy feel, I like to add lots of movement and texture. Here’s how I do it.

I brush through the hair to ensure it is tangle free:
"textured straight hair" "natural undone hair" "straight styles" "grungy hair" "grungy feel" "tangle free" "volume at roots" "invisibobbles" "straight hair" "modern edgy hair"
Next I roughly sectioned the hair into 2, and tied the top part up out of the way.
"textured straight hair" "natural undone hair" "straight styles" "grungy hair" "grungy feel" "tangle free" "volume at roots" "invisibobbles" "straight hair" "modern edgy hair"
I used the BaByliss Boutique straighteners on a medium setting to lightly pull it though the bottom sections.
"textured straight hair" "natural undone hair" "straight styles" "grungy hair" "grungy feel" "tangle free" "volume at roots" "invisibobbles" "straight hair" "modern edgy hair"
I started half way down the hair to make sure I didn’t lose any volume at the roots. You don’t need to pay too much attention to the under section.
"textured straight hair" "natural undone hair" "straight styles" "grungy hair" "grungy feel" "tangle free" "volume at roots" "invisibobbles" "straight hair" "modern edgy hair"
I loosely tied the finished section back to keep it separate from the top. Invisibobbles are great as they don’t create kinks. Click here to read more