3 Christmas Party Handbag Essentials

I don’t know about you, but I like to make a bit of an effort when it comes to the festive season, and if you have been at work all day, it can be pretty hard to put on the glam when it comes to cocktail time. Here are 3 products you can pop in your handbag to make sure you’re feeling in the party mood!

Festive Red Lip15.12.14 No 1
There’s no better way to dress up your makeup look than by going for a statement lip. With a couple of swipes, you suddenly look more done and really pulled together. Matte lipsticks are way better in terms of staying power than glossy ones and Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Red Carpet Red is an absolutely gorgeous choice.

You can pick it up at Selfridges for £23. It is perfectly shaped so that it’s easy to apply and you don’t need lip liner. Quick and simple.

Light up!15.12.14 No 2 Click here to read more

Fast Waves with the BaByliss Curling Wand Pro

This time of year everyone is so busy but it’s still handy to look party ready just in case any little festive celebrations come our way! Here’s a fast track route to lovely soft waves in minutes using the BaByliss Curling Wand Pro.12.12.14 No 1
The Curling Wand Pro is a great little tool that is really versatile. You can create some super curly dos with it, but if you use large seconds and a twisting technique, you can create gorgeous soft and flowing waves.

I start off with clean hair that’s prepped with heat protection spray and rough dried.12.12.14 No 2
Next I start at the back on one side with a fairly large section.12.12.14 No 3 Click here to read more

Hair Tricks for Christmas Parties

If you have been in the office all day and you want to change your look before you go out for your Christmas do, then there are a few things you can do with your hair that will make a nice difference. Here are 3 ideas!

Easy Accessoried Up Do8.12.14 No 1
You might not want to embark on an elaborate up do whilst getting ready in the work toilets so this look is the perfect quick and easy fix that can be achieved in a couple of minutes. It works on pretty much any length hair as long as it come to just above the shoulders.

All you need is a pretty hair band with an elasticated tie and a brush to do a quick bit of back combing if you’re up for that.

Check out the tutorial on how the create it HERE.

Pump Up the Volume8.12.14 No 2 Click here to read more

Easy Up Do for Curly Hair

Earlier in the week I had a bit of a mega curl session where I use the BaByliss Waving Wand on small to medium sections and then pin up the curls as they cool. And when I curl my hair like this, it lasts so long that I start to feel like I actually have curly hair!5.12.14 No 1
So I decided to do an up do for Curly Girls! It is so so simple and allows the lovely curly texture of the hair to shine through whilst getting it all up away from your face. 5.12.14 No 2
I started off with 2 day old curls. If you want to find out how I get my style to last longer, check out THIS POST.

I simply pull it back into a ponytail:5.12.14 No 3 Click here to read more

Get Your Look: Textured Ponytail with Hannah Desai

1-12-14 No 1
This is no ordinary pony tail. This one has texture, volume and lots and lots of shape! It is Get Your Look time, and in this video, Hannah Desai from Coco Beautea works with Percy to create the gorgeous look you see above. 1-12-14 No 2
Percy shows Hannah how to use the amazing BaByliss Boutique Soft Waves (literally the most versatile tool out there!) to create beautiful natural texture.
1-12-14 No 3
They then whip it up into a super flattering ponytail. Make sure you watch the video for a whole host of tips and tricks for creating amazing texture and the right ponytail for your face. Click here to read more

Soft Waves with the Curl Secret – A Video!

It’s video time again and this week we have the mighty Curl Secret!! It is such a versatile tool that literally does all the work for you. Here I create an easy to wear, soft waves look that can be rustled up in just a few minutes!!28.11.14 No 1
I started off with straight hair that was rough dried and thoroughly brushed through. It’s a super easy look as there is no sectioning required!!28.11.14 No 2
All you need to do it use smallish sections, depending on the length of your hair, and just let the Curl Secret do all the work!!28.11.14 No 3 Click here to read more

4 Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

When Dry Shampoo first appeared on the hair products scene, it was all about getting that extra day out of your hair without having to wash it. Since then, however, the products have become much more sophisticated and we have discovered so many different ways to use them. They are now more like styling products than ‘oh my goodness, I don’t have time to wash my hair’ greasy locks remedies.

Here are 4 others ways to use dry shampoo.

Braiding Hair & Up Dos24-11-14 No 1
Shiny, silky hair is great when you leave your locks free and flowing but that just means super slippery when it comes to braids and up dos. All you need to do is apply Dry Shampoo through the lengths and ends and it will give the hair greater grip and manageability. Never start a plait without a quick spritz!!

Adding Hold24-11-14 No 2 Click here to read more

The Nineties Hair Flip

The Nineties are back in quite a few different ways, but being the hair obsessed person that I am, it’s all about the hair for me. Here’s my take on the nineties hair flip a la Cindy Crawford and Drew Barrymore!! Remember that?21.11.14 No 1
I think this is a pretty wearable take on the nineties trend, but it has all the volume that I really love and maybe a little less ‘flip’!

It is so easy to do and a great style for finer hair types as it really does make the most of what you have!21.11.14 No 2 Click here to read more

Get Your Look: Poker Poker Straight Hair with I Dress Myself

It’s good news because it is time for another Get Your Look video and once again we have Paul Percival showing us how to re-create a key style of this season and beyond – super straight hair!17.11.14 No 1
In fact, it is so straight that we are calling it Poker Poker straight hair! It doesn’t get much straighter than that!!

In this video, Paul works with the beautiful Yanin from I Dress Myself. Here she is before the poker poker straightening happened!17.11.14 No 2
Paul shows Yanin how to use the ultimate tool for super straight and shiny hair, the BaByliss Diamond Straighteners.17.11.14 No 3
He shares lots of tips and tricks to help us achieve this extremely fashion-aware look. And it is much easier than you’d imagine! Watch the video now to see how it is done.Interview with Yanin

What made you start blogging/vlogging?
I wanted to have somewhere I can express my inspirations and creativity. I found school to be restricting and blogging was my outlet. With vlogging, it was because of my blog and followers, they wanted to hear what I sounded like and wanted to know how to do this & that so I thought capturing myself on video would just be easier than writing everything out.

How would you sum up your blog/vlog?
It’s not as clean cut as others out there but that’s what I like about my blog. It shows my personality and that I’m not perfect. I just love documenting my life and what I wear at the end of the day.

What do you love most about it? Are there any down sides?
That I have the creative freedom and work at my own pace. Yes, there are trolls out there who just want to put you down. That’s pretty much the only down side.

What advice are you most asked for?
What to wear to certain events.

Which post or video has been the most popular one to date?
My blogger mail haul video, that’s gone up to over 60,000+ views now! Super crazy!

Which celebrity’s style do you admire the most?
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. Their style is so effortless and chic.

Which fashion and beauty trends are you most excited about?
I actually don’t follow up on trends.

Your top beauty tip?
It’s probably the most straight forward and easiest one but putting Vaseline on before you go to bed on super cracked lips, you’ll wake up to a hydrated and refreshed pair of lips. Works well instead of doing it during the day.

What are your top beauty brands?
Korres, NARS, MAC, Kiehls and Aesop.

What are you top fashion brands?
Zara, Alexander Wang, &Other Stories and UNIF

Do you prefer to shop online or in store?
Online, especially if there’s a sale on and it’s raining outside.

Who is YOUR favourite blogger and why?
Leandra Medine, her style is so quirky and she dresses for herself.

What are your tips for aspiring bloggers?
To keep at it, record every outfit you wear so you can see how your style changes. Go to blogger events as that’s a great way to connect with people and meet new people and network.

Would you have done anything differently when you started out?
No not at all, I worked at my own pace and didn’t rush into anything.

What do you think the future of blogging is?
I mean, blogging is still pretty new so no one knows where it will take us. Hopefully bloggers will remain respected and true to who they are and get more opportunities to grow.

Thanks Yanin!

I hope you enjoyed that.

See you back here next time!




The Best Prep for Super Straight Hair

Sleek hairstyles are going to be big again this season but depending on your hair type, and the weather, they can be notoriously hard to achieve. Frizz and dehydration is the enemy of straight! Here are our top tips for getting all the preparation just right.

The Cleanse

Smooth hair is hydrated hair so make sure you use a hydrating shampoo to ensure to set off in the right direction.10.11.14 No 1
Tigi’s Resurrection Shampoo is intensely hydrating and leaves hair soft, supple and smooth. Everything you need to create a straight style.

Maximise Conditioner

When you use your conditioner in the shower, don’t just slap it on and hope for the best. You need to really make it work! I find the best way of doing this is to comb it through the mid lengths and end. Beware though, wet hair is weak, so any dragging can cause breakage.10.11.14 No 2 Click here to read more